Ben Hall - Director

Ben HallBen is an award winning consultant in the disciplines of internal acoustics, electro-acoustics, and environmental noise and vibration. With over 10 years experience working on a wide variety of projects, Ben brings a flair for systems design, project management and practical implementation of new systems. His design application to highly critical and sensitive acoustic spaces such as auditoriums and recording studios has won state and national awards in Australia. His paper on the prediction and verification of road traffic noise impacts was awarded “Best Paper Prize” in 2009.

Ben has experience in architectural acoustics, environmental impact studies, master planning projects, major infrastructure projects, occupational noise health and safety, construction noise and vibration management, and PA design. He has guided major infrastructure projects through environmental noise and vibration management and compliance with regulatory requirements; given master planning advice inputs for community development; designed sound transmission controls for large and small rooms; and provided acoustic design for studios, auditoriums and classrooms. Ben has designed control of mechanical plant noise, provided airconditioning system design for large and small spaces, and his papers have been published internationally. Ben has recorded, mixed and mastered using digital and analogue equipment in live and studio settings. He has edited orchestral, vocal and instrumental audio, and developed an excellent understanding of advanced stereo miking and surround recording techniques.


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