Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting

Equipment Hire

We provide hire of both noise loggers and vibration loggers.


Ngara LoggerNoise Logger Hire

Type 1 - Ngara Environmental noise Logger with 64Gb usb drive

Rate: $70 per day ex GST


  • Simultaneous A and C SPL and Leq
  • Full wave recording
  • Event recording
  • Post processing to 1/nth octave band data
  • Optional remote access



Acoustic Calibrator

Type 1 acoustic calibrator providing 94dB and 114dB calibration tones.

Rate: $30 per day ex GST





Vibration Logger

Texcel ETM with optional SMS and email alerting.

Rate: $100 per day ex GST. Call us to discuss options for remote monitoring, SMS and email alerting.


  • Continuous logging
  • Triggered event recording
  • Optional remote monitoring
  • Timetables
  • VDV to AS2670 and BS6472
  • Optional SMS and Email notification