Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting

Architects and Acoustics

When you think of acoustics, what do you think of? There are many elements that architects are required to consider when designing new spaces, upgrades and extensions. How does the space sound? Will the noise and vibration from the plant areas impact on the quiet spaces? What regulatory environmental noise requirements does the project need to comply with? At Matrix Acousitcs, we have experience with all these and more. We are your one-stop-shop for acoustics and vibration.


The acoustic feel of the space - Architectural acoustics

We are often engaged to 'fix' the acoustics of a church, board room, foyer, coffee shop, etc, simply because the acoustics was not considered during the design stage. Unfortunately, this always costs more money than implementing acoustic controls in the design phase. More importantly though, it regularly means that the architectural intent of the area is compromised by the retrofit. This doesn't have to be the case, we have access to a very large range of acoustic products that will discretely fit with any architectural design intent.

At Matrix Acoustics, we understand that you have design objectives and intents that you are aiming to achieve, and we have the skill to make the acoustics fit those objectives.


Noise Impacts

Whether the noise impact is from external sources such as roads, rail, and aircraft, or from some other area in the building, perhaps a plant room, or a neigbouring classroom, the noise that impacts on a space can have a significant detrimental effect. If the noise impact is too great, people won't enjoy the space, and will leave. We are expert in designing facades and internal partitions that will accomplish the operational objectives of your facility. HVAC and other mechanical systems are not a problem when the partitioning and vibration isolation are designed in the right way. Open plan offices can also be designed to achieve an effective collaborative work place without the compromises of annoying office noise levels.



When you think acoustics, think Matrix Acoustics